Social Media Roundup: Consolidating Your Notes In One Tool

Social Media Roundup: Consolidating Your Notes In One Tool

How the note-taking app Evernote can keep your personal and professional ideas organized. Also: Experiments show how long it takes to make a good (or bad) first impression.

Ever lose track of your notes? Take a tip from an organization pro: Choose one note-taking tool to hold all your ideas.

How Evernote could be the right note tool for you, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Keep It Together

Isn’t nice to have all your notes and reminders in one place? When using multiple applications in different mobile devices, it’s easy to lose some ideas or forget where that genius bit is written down. That’s why consolidating all your notes is an important organizational move, and what Evernote can help you do. “When harnessed fully, Evernote can build an entire second brain for you, synced automatically across all devices. Every picture, article, website, or personal note you might want to recall can find a place there,” writes Mashable’s Bob Al-Green. What tools do you use to keep your notes and organized? (ht @ashleyhsullivan)

The Thing About Initial Judgments

100 milliseconds. That’s how long it takes for a person to make his first judgment on someone—meaning, that’s how long you’ve got to make a good first impression when networking. According to the results of a series of experiments correlating time spent with a new person and the judgments made during that time, quick, initial judgments tend to stick. “When exposure time increased from 100 to 500 ms, participants’ judgments became more negative, response times for judgments decreased, and confidence in judgments increased. When exposure time increased from 500 to 1,000 ms, trait judgments and response times did not change significantly (with one exception), but confidence increased for some of the judgments; this result suggests that additional time may simply boost confidence in judgments,” writer Eric Barker reports on his blog. The experiment was performed by the Department of Psychology of Princeton University. (ht @Convene)

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