Social Media Roundup: A #Tech13 Look Back at the AMS

AMS's past, present and future, in preparation for tomorrow's #Tech13 conference. Plus: What a dairy store's can teach you about customer service.

A reflection on AMS’ past, present, and future, ahead of this week’s #Tech13 conference. Plus: What a visually stimulating grocery store chain can teach you about customer service.

The countdown begins: Less than a day until attendees shuffle in, and ASAE’s 2013 Technology Conference & Expo commences. In discussing the developments of a cornerstone of association technology—the association management system (AMS)—one technology expert reflects on how far technology has come … and how much further the systems can go.

That, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Through the Techie’s Looking Glass

What to say when you’re feeling nostalgic: Man, we’ve come a long way since the dummy terminals and desktop-based systems of yesteryear. And as excitement brews for #Tech13, DelCor’s CEO Loretta DeLuca reflects on the evolution of the AMS market “from the early days of custom databases focused simply on tracking members to enterprise-wide systems for automating processes and tracking member engagement across the association.” It’s the user experience, which is now driven by a web-based system that permits communication no matter the location, that has undergone the biggest change, she writes. As for what lies in store? DeLuca predicts that increased integration with other platforms and expanded application programming interfaces (APIs) will take AMS platforms to new heights. “If you select a system with a strong API, you will have more flexibility for integrating with the best systems on the market for your needs …,” she writes. What AMS developments do you hope to see in the future? Tell us below, tweet it (hashtag #tech13), or find our own Ernie Smith at the conference tomorrow. And if you’re not attending but still want in on the action, check out our live coverage.  (ht @delcor)

Got Customer Service?

Dairy serious: The store might be offbeat, but the customer service is no novelty. That’s what CMS Wire’s Noreen Seebacher says about Stew Leonard’s, a regional grocery store chain that often shows up on Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For.” More than 40 years ago, the brand had humble beginnings as a dairy store, but, as this video shows, is something akin to a Chuck E. Cheese-meets-Trader Joe’s nowadays. One thing that hasn’t changed, though, its the company’s approach to customer service, emphasized in its STEW mantra. (The company strives to always Satisfy, work as a Team, aim for Excellence, and Wow the customer.) How do the lessons from such a unique grocery store chain apply to you? Simple: No matter the service you provide, you must always meet—and exceed—your customer’s expectations, Seebacher says. Invest the time when working with a customer, and assure them of the utmost personal service and your undivided attention. (ht: @CustomerKing)

What approaches have you incorporated into your customer service? Share your comments below.

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