Social Media Roundup: Nailing Down the Price

Trying to offer your members great educational content? Make sure you're pricing it according to market demand. Also: Advice on working your way up the association ladder.

Trying to value your product correctly isn’t always the easiest thing in the world, but it can be done.

Some advice on that in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Is the Price Right?

Your education offerings are awesome, but are you undervaluing (or worse, overvaluing) your offerings? Digitec’s Amy Bassett offers some considerations—including perceived value, your competition, your profit margin, and how sales value affects everything else. In the case of the latter, Bassett suggests aiming high, then lowering goals as needed. “No matter how you decide to price your online learning, remember it is always easier to lower the price if sales aren’t what you thought they’d be than it is to raise prices later,” she writes. “Leave some flexibility in your course price to allow for occasional special offers, discount codes and member-only pricing.” (ht @YALSA_Director)

For Those on the Rise

Started from the bottom: In a guest post on the Multiview blog, Aptify Senior Social Media Consultant (and #assnchat host) Kiki L’Italien answers a big, important question for up-and-comers in the field: “What advice would you give to emerging young professionals in the association world?” Her tips offer some guidance on the path you can take from newbiedom to being at the top of your game. Even as a low person on the totem pole, L’Italien says, she always went the extra mile. “I remember spending long hours in the office in the beginning; always one of the last to leave. True, there was much I needed to learn, but I also felt a charged sense of urgency,” she explains in her post. “Surely no one saw things the way I did—otherwise there would be more change! Frustration was an everyday event that sometimes felt would never end. But still that energy grew, much like I’m sure it’s growing within you today.” (ht @MV_Partners)

What steps did you take on your own road to leadership? Tell us all about ’em in the comments.

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Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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