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Tuesday Buzz: Facebook Alters Its Perspective on Video

The world's biggest social network has another algorithm change in the pipeline. Plus: Make your conference grab bag memorable.

We’ve covered Facebook’s recent algorithm changes, which have reduced the number of followers many brands have been able to reach, and now the social network is shifting its focus to video.

In an announcement Monday, Facebook made it clear that video is an essential part of the news-feed ecosystem, saying the company will alter the factors it takes into account in ranking the popularity of video content so that it can better customize users’ feeds.

“The improvement we are making today considers whether someone has watched a video and for how long they watched it,” product manager Brett Welch and software engineer Xiaochen Zhang explained. “We’re adding that to the factors we considered previously, which included likes, comments, and shares. This change will affect all videos uploaded directly to Facebook.”

The new system will not affect video links to other sites that are displayed on Facebook, as the company “already [uses] a number of similar metrics to rank those stories.”

Video is already a huge draw for online audiences, and the demand is only increasing. A recent report from the Web Video Marketing Council found that 80 percent of companies are creating video content for online audiences. And with Facebook’s changes, ensuring those videos are of the highest quality becomes even more important to the goal of reaching new viewers.

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