Tuesday Buzz: Smile for the Camera

Here's a small but useful trick to help you get over stage fright. Also: what's behind the boost in security spending for special events.

“If you’re scared of speaking in public, speak in public.”

It’s a challenge to get in front of a crowd when you’ve rarely done it. But it can be done.

Impossible Ventures’ Joel Runyon, in a lengthy post about learning when to let go when you can’t be perfect, suggests a strategy for getting over stage fright: Pull out a video camera and start talking.

“If you watch a video of yourself speaking, you see every little tick and micro-screw-up you make,” he writes. “You might even remember what you were thinking about when you said each sentence and cringe while watching it.”

But the secret is that if you then share that video with someone else, you might learn something surprising. “They’ll probably pay attention, but they’re probably not going to go through with a fine tooth comb and analyze every single noun you use,” he continues.

So, short version: Don’t sweat the “ers” and “ums” so much. Focus on doing the best you can, even if perfection feels out of reach. (ht Lifehacker)

Talking Security

You never know when something’s going to go wrong, so you’d better plan for it.

Last week the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported that special event planners have been spending more on security in recent years—think low-probability, high-risk events, like the Boston Marathon bombing or the fatal car crash at this year’s SXSW conference. One firm, IHS Global Insight, says revenue from the global security services industry is expected to grow to $170 billion by 2017—a major jump from the $110 billion spent in 2012.

“There is greater demand for security across the board, and I think it’s partly driven by … greater risk out there and also there’s increased liability. And the liability factor, that’s a pretty major factor,” National Association of Security Companies Executive Director Steve Amity told the Tribune-Review.

For event planners as a whole, thinking about your security needs might be a good idea. Fortunately, Cuckoo Events is on top of that with a useful infographic. (ht @cvent, @mark_breen)

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