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Social Media Roundup: Just Because It’s Private Doesn’t Mean It’s Antisocial

Not all conversations about your association or its field are taking place on the public web. Also: Keep an eye out for some Instagram action ahead of this year's ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition.

Twitter, Facebook, and other easily accessible social networks are often the subjects of the Social Media Roundup.

But in today’s edition, find out why your association should also put in some time cultivating the conversations that take place in more private corners of the internet.

The Private Side of Social Media

There’s plenty of attention paid to the dialogue taking place on Facebook and LinkedIn. But gated communities—clustered together in message boards or in shapes and sizes provided by third parties, and composed of highly interested members and experts—also have plenty of vibrant discussions that should be on your association’s radar.

Joshua Paul, director of marketing and strategy at Socious, writes about this very topic in a blog post for the online community software provider.

“Understanding why people contribute in your private online consumer and member communities allows you to shape your community around their expectations and preferred engagement opportunities, which can lead to higher participation in the long run,” he explains.

Paul reveals the four reasons why people contribute to these communities:

  1. To help others
  2. To build their personal brand
  3. To support a cause or organization they believe in
  4. To set the record straight

To find out how you can build on those motivations, read Paul’s full post here. (ht @SociousSoftware)

a New Instagram to Follow

Instagram is now a force to be reckoned with in the world of social media, in part because of the explosion in the demand for visual content.

So to everyone heading to this year’s ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition in Nashville next month, consider this an alert that the event has its own Instagram account, which will be updated during the buildup to, and execution of, the conference.

And before the annual meetup, refresh yourself with these tips on how to use the wildly popular app during an association event or meeting. (ht @ASAEannual)


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By Morgan Little

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