Tuesday Buzz: Boost Your Membership With Effective Communication

Just because they're members doesn't mean they're listening. A public relations bigwig speaks about how to change that. Plus: Long live newsletters!

Edelman President and CEO Richard Edelman has long been a leader in the public relations world, and his comments at a recent event at De Paul University may be of particular interest to association pros.

As reported by Contently’s Shane Snow, Edelman declared that “traditional marketing is broken.”

“In a media environment where control over who sees content is actually up to readers—not editors or advertisers—companies who wish to build relationships with potential customers must now do so on readers’ terms,” Snow writes.

That dynamic works in the same way for associations looking to establish themselves as valuable sources of information, either for members or the general public. And that value can be augmented by becoming one of Edelman’s so-called guardians of truth.

The term seems odd coming from the PR world, but as Snow writes, “knowing that the social media crowd is quick to point out and amplify improprieties, public relations firms seem to be grabbing onto the idea of storytelling and relationship-building through radically transparent publishing more fully than almost anyone.”

The more valuable that information stream, the more value you’re providing to your members. And the more value you’re providing, the more likely those members will retain their membership for years to come.

Tweet of the Day

Seriously, everyone, don’t do it! Email newsletters are still wildly popular, especially among executives, but a barrage can be a big problem for your readers. (ht @davehendricks)

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