Wednesday Buzz: Everyone Loves Complaining About Politicians

A newspaper association taps its members to build a list politicians don't want to be on. Also: business lessons from the failure of a popular cupcake chain.

If you’re looking for something unopinionated, don’t click this link.

Behind it is a lengthy, somewhat profane roundup of the worst politicians in the country, including big names (four governors, a couple of senators, Donald Trump) and small (county sheriffs, state senators, city council members). What do they have in common? Easy—they were gathered by the Association of Alternative Newsmedia from a wide array of AAN’s member publications.

It’s a fun read, one totally in the wheelhouse of the alt-weeklies—26 of them will publish it in their pages—and full of irreverent commentary and political corruption.

“And there’s more than just the usual stodgy Washington losers,” the association’s Chuck Strouse promises in a blog post on the effort.

In a brilliant example of crowdsourcing, more than 50 journalists took part in forming the list—which shows what you can do if you can get everyone on the same page.

Don’t Just Serve Cupcakes

Your appetite might disagree, but your waistline might find this assessment on-point: You can’t eat cupcakes all day, every day.

The dramatic death of the popular cupcake chain Crumbs, the nation’s largest, came without warning Monday night, but there are certainly important lessons from the shutdown. According to Forbes contributor Adam Hartung, there are two big ones that translate to any part of the business world: Don’t let your passion get in the way of your business goals, and be ready to diversify when trends shift.

Hartung argues that the company’s downfall was avoidable.

“Leadership needed to overcome its passion for cupcakes and [should have] taken a much larger look at customer needs to find alternative products,” he writes. “It wasn’t hard to identify that some diversification was going to be necessary. And that would have been much easier if they had put in place a system to track trends, observing (and admitting) that their ‘core’ market was stalled and they needed to move into a new trend category. Which with a good planning system they could have identified.”

That may not be an easy cupcake to swallow, but sometimes you need to take the first bite. (ht @adam_hartung)

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Donald Trump made this list of worst politicians despite not being an elected official. (Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images/Thinkstock)

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