Monday Buzz: Signs of a Bright Future for Volunteering

A new report sees indications that better days are ahead for volunteering and nonprofits. Plus: a way to settle debates over "who said it first."

Have nonprofits finally transitioned out of the rocky period following the Great Recession? If the findings of online volunteer recruiting platform VolunteerMatch are any indication, organizations should expect a brighter future for volunteer engagement.

VolunteerMatch crunches all of its internal numbers each year for its Impact Report, which presents a peek into the world of nonprofits and their volunteers.

The latest report, which includes all statistics from 2014, has a number of key figures that VolunteerMatch President Greg Baldwin believes indicate “the nonprofit sector and volunteer engagement may finally be recovering from the economic recession.”

Among those figures are the 20 percent increase in local cause and group opportunities listed on VolunteerMatch from 2013 to 2014; a 44 percent increase in potential volunteers connecting with local causes; and a total estimated $1.34 billion benefit resulting from VolunteerMatch users in 2014.


If you want to take a more extensive look at VolunteerMatch’s findings, you can download the entire report here.

Twitter Tool of the Day


Want to know who first tweeted a quote or a joke? Then check out this tool from developer Amit Agarwal and see just how original your next Twitter quip really is. Or, if you’re looking to pat yourself on the back, check out the first mention of your organization (we did)!

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