Data Nugget: The Power of a Plan

By / Apr 1, 2016 (Weedezign/ThinkStock)

The importance of building a formal plan for measuring member engagement.

Less than one-in-three associations worldwide (31 percent) has a formal plan for measuring member engagement, according to a new benchmarking study from Advanced Solutions International, provider of the iMIS association management software platform. Those that do have such a plan say it has helped to increase a variety of performance metrics, from event attendance to renewals.

Has your engagement plan led to improvements in these areas?

Membership renewals: 66 percent

Website traffic: 51 percent

Attendance at events/webinars other than annual: 51 percent

Participation in social media: 45 percent

Annual meeting attendance: 44 percent

Volunteerism with your organization: 26 percent

Nondues or nonmembership fees revenue: 23 percent

Membership upgrades: 22 percent

Participation in your private online community: 18 percent

Number of members who acquire or maintain a certification: 17 percent

Donations to your association: 11 percent

Source: “2016 Global Benchmark Report on Membership Performance,” Advanced Solutions International

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