Wednesday Buzz: Break Away From Predictable PowerPoints

How moving away from a cookie-cutter approach with the classic presentation platform can help improve your event. Plus: What to do with your webinar audience.

Microsoft’s PowerPoint is an old-school tool for conference speakers.

While it has been a reliable presentation method, many associations have fallen into the habit of using a uniform template that appears outdated and is unpleasant for attendees to look at. And some events actually mandate that certain templates be used, making things even worse.

It’s time for associations to transform the way PowerPoint is used, according to Velvet Chainsaw‘s Dave Lutz, and a good first step is moving toward simpler visuals with stronger impact.

“Attendees can’t read, listen, and think at the same time,” writes Lutz. “Challenge and teach your presenters to create image-rich and text-lite slide decks to help increase attendee learning and their presentation skills.”

Lutz also suggests that associations encourage presenters to revamp their education techniques and help provide resources for a more successful event.

“Invest in your speakers and they’ll pay you back through their appreciation, influence, and delivering for you.”

Whether associations change their templates, do away with them, or adopt an entirely new platform, it’s important to remember that these tools should benefit the attendees.

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