Tuesday Buzz: Presidential Penmanship

An association gets a handwriting expert to look for insight into the presidential candidates---from their penmanship. Also: strategies for handling social media with grace.

National Handwriting Day isn’t until January, but the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (WIMA) did an analysis so timely that it couldn’t wait to share the results.

On Tuesday, the association released an evaluation of the handwriting of presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Here’s what the penmanship of the White House aspirants reveals, according to handwriting expert Sheila Lowe:

Hillary Clinton: “Lowe determines that Clinton is a tough-minded perfectionist but also a flexible negotiator. Her handwriting suggests her resilience and stamina as a leader, while her thinking style is analytical but allows for perspective and viewing a situation from all sides.”

Donald Trump: “Donald J. Trump’s handwriting suggests that he lives for the moment, is rooted in the here-and-now, and has a strong need to feel in control of his environment.”

Near the end of a more than yearlong campaign, we may not have needed a handwriting expert to tell us that, but it’s kinda cool nonetheless. Hop over to the WIMA website to see the full analysis.

Social Etiquette

Social media has become increasingly common and valuable, but its fluid nature makes it easy for professionals to be, well, unprofessional on these networks, even when representing their employers. It’s a problem that’s bugging Lesli Sullivan of Partners in Association Management.

“Despite the importance of being professional online, research has shown that too few people heed the expert’s advice, and it is costing them jobs,” Sullivan writes on the Partners Preceptors blog.

Check out Sullivan’s post for a list of tips to balance social networks with professionalism.

Other Links of Note

Curious about Google AMP, but not sure where to start? Over at the Kinsta blog, Brian Jackson breaks down some of the reasons the mobile-site technology is worth a look.

Writing on Medium requires a slightly different mindset than most other outlets. This guide from FreeCodeCamp teacher Quincy Larson offers some useful tips for headlines, photo use, and wording.


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