Thursday Buzz: Deliver the Perfect Elevator Pitch

Find out ways to fine tune your association’s elevator pitch. Also: How to get the most out of a small staff.

If you had only a few seconds to explain to a stranger what your association does, could you do it clearly and effectively?

Everyone at your organization should be able to deliver an elevator pitch that could help build new relationships for your association.

Kayla Jenkins, a blogger for the Indiana Society of Association Executives, provides communication tips to help you make the case for your organization in a short amount of time.

“A good pitch is no more than 30 seconds long,” says Jenkins. “In that time, you should be able to explain who you are, who you serve, your value proposition, and end with a call to action.”

Be sure to tailor your pitch to your setting and audience. “When crafting your pitch, assume the other person is unfamiliar with your organization or perhaps with the association industry in general. Then provide data that is relevant and easy for anyone to understand.”

And don’t forget to deliver your pitch with confidence. “Finding the right amount of energy and enthusiasm takes practice. Rehearse your speech with people outside of your profession and then ask them to reiterate what they know about your organization,” she says.

Strengthening a Small Staff

Does your association have a small staff? Organizations with tiny teams have their own unique set of challenges. People can get overwhelmed with their workloads, or the team may be missing a specific skill set. But hiring new people isn’t always an option.

The MemberClicks blog provides a few tips to help improve the performance of a small team.

To be at your most efficient, “it’s crucial to prioritize your tasks,” writes Callie Walker. “As things pop up, rank them by importance. If they’re not in your top three tasks, put them aside—and be comfortable putting them aside.”

Check out the rest of Walker’s post for more advice.

Money talk: David M. Patt at the Association Executive Management blog makes the case for asking donors, sponsors, and grant makers for more money.

Gmail security: Forbes reports that Google will block JavaScript email attachments because of cybersecurity concerns.

Monetizing Messenger: According to TechCrunch, Facebook is testing out integrating ads into its mobile Messenger app.

Raegan Johnson

By Raegan Johnson

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