Tuesday Buzz: Preparing for Disaster to Strike

Event professionals need a well-considered emergency plan should a serious crisis occur during a meeting. Also: Don’t count out the benefits of nonprofit mentors.

Meeting planners strategize for any number of event problems including bad WiFi and no-show caterers. But what they may not account for are true disasters such as cyberattacks, terrorism, flooding, or tornadoes.

Sue Pelletier of MeetingsNet provides a few ways to plan for an unexpected catastrophe.

Be prepared to be on your own, she suggests. Government responders may not be able to reach you in a timely manner, so “meeting managers, venue operators, and suppliers need to have their own plans—and train, train, train so everyone knows exactly who needs to do what, when, and how so they will be able to seamlessly spring into action to protect attendees, staff, exhibitors, and all others who are at your event,” Pelletier reports.

Also, before an emergency hits, make sure that everyone’s role on your team is clearly defined. If you’re told to shelter in place, who closes the doors, who calls the police, who communicates with attendees? Know those answers before the meeting starts.

In addition, meeting planners should work closely with venues for a complete understanding of their security measures.

“Planners should ask their venues to show them their emergency response or action plans, how often they train and test their plans, IT security measures that are in place, any seasonal hazards, the venue’s privacy policy, where people can gather in the case of an emergency, and where egress plans are posted,” writes Pelletier.

See more tips on building an emergency plan at the MeetingsNet website.

Nonprofit Mentors

A more connected community is a stronger community.

John Haydon at SocialFish reflects on the ways mentors help grow and strengthen the nonprofit sector.

Mentors provide an incredible service to nonprofit professionals looking to grow in their careers and to help associations achieve their goals. And mentors benefit from their mentee relationships through network growth and leadership skill development.

Haydon bullet points some examples of the mentor relationship, such as those involving grant writers and startup founders. Check out the rest of his post for ways to find a mentor.

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