Thursday Buzz: The Largest Online Resource You’re Not Using

Tapping into Reddit’s many niche communities could be a valuable source of market research for your organization. Also: highlights from Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report.

Reddit is a behemoth of a website with millions of daily users. According to Alexa, it is the fourth-most-popular website in the United States. If you have a passing familiarity with the site, you might think it’s a time-waster made up of funny GIFs and dog memes, but with more than 50,000 distinct communities called subreddits, Reddit holds a treasure trove of information for your organization.

Hootsuite provides a handy how-to guide for using Reddit as a resource for market research.

The key is to find the most relevant subreddits for your organization. For instance, marketers from a diabetes-related association will want to search for subreddits about diabetes, of which there could be dozens of communities. Once you’ve found the relevant subreddits, do some keyword research about your organization to get honest sentiments about your group.

“It’s easy to forget that the public has much different experiences than we do inside the walls of a marketing department,” writes James Mulvey. “Reddit is amazing for revealing unfiltered opinions about brands, products, industries, and categories.”

Hootsuite provides specific direction for how to analyze and monitor a variety of subreddits like you would any other social listening channel.

Meeker Report

It’s that time of year again! The annual Internet Trends report from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner Mary Meeker is out. It’s chock-full of need-to-know information about online advertising, media, and more.

AdWeek shares several highlights from this year’s report, including the fact that internet ad spending eclipsed television spending for the first time in 2016. “Of the internet ad spending, Google and Facebook continued to take the lion’s share, accounting for 85 percent of all growth in the U.S.,” writes Marty Swant.

While the growth of internet users is expected to stay flat, adults are spending more time with digital media, increasing to 5.6 hours per day in 2016.

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