Tuesday Buzz: Marketing Needs a Journalism Revolution

Many marketing departments are falling behind, but journalists can help them catch up. Also: American email habits may not be what you think.

Marketing is in trouble. There’s a lot of turnover at the C-level, and too many marketing executives aren’t keeping up with emerging marketing platforms and best practices, which may be hindering your efforts to disseminate your message.

“It’s a faulty system that leads to irrelevant organizational charts based on bygone eras and pushy paid media, mixed up and unable to handle a society that loathes advertising but craves customer-centric information,” writes Dan Curran in a recent post for Entrepreneur.

What should marketing departments do to keep up? Curran suggests hiring journalists to your teams. “Every journalist possesses inherent traits that can take a marketing department to the next level, starting with a deep understanding that writings should be newsworthy,” he says.

Among other things, journalists can use their skills to develop organizational narratives that will educate your target audience, expand your digital footprint, and boost your content production.

Checking In On Email

How often do you check your email outside of work? For some of us, it feels like we’re looking at our work email nearly constantly, but that’s not the case for other Americans.

Adobe recently surveyed more than 1,000 U.S. white-collar workers about their email habits. The survey says that 44 percent of respondents check their business email every few hours outside of work, and 20 percent never check their work email once they leave the office, reports MarketingProfs. Talk about work-life balance.

However, nearly half of all respondents (46 percent), reported opening all work emails, compared to 14 percent opening all personal emails.

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