Daily Buzz: America’s First Coin Returns Home

The American Numismatic Association's “Numismatist of the Year” identified the United States’ first coin—and now it’s returning to Philadelphia thanks to an association meeting. Also: How to extend the life of event content.

Money makes the world go ‘round—and the first ever coin struck by the United States government is making its way back to Philadelphia for the first time since the 1780s.

Called the “Plain Obverse Quint,” the coin was given to the U.S. Treasury one week after Congress received news that Great Britain recognized newly established U.S. independence.

The silver coin was identified in 2017 by David J. McCarthy, historian and senior numismatist and researcher at Kagin’s, Inc., a rare coin dealership. The American Numismatic Association (ANA) also named McCarthy the 2018 “Numismatist of the Year.”

The coin was once held by some of America’s Founding Fathers, including Alexander Hamilton, and is the ancestor to the U.S. dollar, as well as every Western coin based on a decimal monetary system, according to McCarthy.

“It’s a national treasure that was hiding in plain sight until all the pieces of the puzzle recently came together,” said Donald H. Kagin, Ph.D., president of Kagin’s, Inc., in a press release.

You can view the historic coin at ANA’s World’s Fair of Money from August 14 to 18.

Extending the Event Life Span

An event planning to-do list can seem endless. With speakers, vendors, catering, and more to consider, most of a planner’s efforts are often focused on what happens during a meeting, rather than how to maximize the event afterward.

But extending the reach of your content post-event can be just as important as the meeting itself, Carsten Pleiser writes for MemberWise. To do so, livestream speakers and record presentations. Then, after the meeting, you can use the clips to create online content.

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