Daily Buzz: Your Online Community Isn’t Special

Online community engagement is important for members, but the value it brings to your association is more significant. Also: how to implement new ideas from the ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition.

An online community can be the foundation of an organization—but maybe not in the way you think.

Sure, your member community might live heavily online, but the reality is that those engagements aren’t that special, community manager Marjorie Anderson explains in a post on Community by Association.

What is special about online communities is what your association can get out of them. That is, an online community is often the cornerstone to developing other important elements of an organization, such as ROI, member acquisition and retention, event registration, and so on.

So, while the conversations themselves might not be the highest priority on your association to-do list, the actions they can enable are—and the strategy around your online member community should reflect that accordingly.

Developing a Learning Curve

With another ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition in the books, it’s time to sit back and digest everything that transpired over the past few days—but only for a moment. The next step is jumping back into work and figuring out how to integrate the new strategies and ideas you learned into your association.

Every organization is different, but here’s one approach: Write down a list of things you learned, and prioritize their importance. Decide what can be done today, what can be done next week, and what will take more research, planning, and involvement to be rolled out long term. From there, make next steps and deadlines for each item so you can keep yourself—and your team—accountable.

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