The Fix: Money and Members

Tom Aley of Naylor Association Solutions explains how nondues revenue generators can bring in money for the association while also supporting members.

How can nondues revenue generators boost the value of membership?

It’s probably stating the obvious, but associations invest nondues revenue into services like education, conferences, and other programs designed to help an association’s members and industry advance their research, causes, and initiatives. What may not be obvious is that without NDR generators, associations would probably have to charge more for membership and their programs. This directly affects their ability to drive participation, advocate for policy, and attract new talent to their industry or profession.

What are some of the most effective sources of NDR that also increase membership value?

I’ve seen job boards drive significant dollars for organizations, and they obviously help members access career opportunities. Advertising can be a huge generator, but it’s a struggle for small to mid-size groups. Advancements in technology, such as platforms that enable programmatic advertising, have made it possible for associations of all sizes to leverage unused ad inventory in ways they weren’t able to do five to 10 years ago, and they help association members connect with products and services that are highly relevant to their lives. Similarly, customized sponsorship programs can help suppliers educate your members on new offerings that keep them up to speed on advancements in their industry.

Is it possible for associations to go overboard in their effort to generate nondues revenue?

If associations embrace NDR programs that don’t drive value, they run the risk of alienating their members through over-monetization. By embracing programs that do both, everyone wins: The association generates money to fund its mission-related objectives, and members see more value from their affiliation with the association.

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