Monster Truck Association Takes Show to a Whole New Market: India

The American Monster Truck Association has helped coordinate the spread of monster truck events to markets around the world over two decades—and next up is India. It’s a big bet: Delivering the massive trucks to the country won’t be cheap.

In case you were interested in seeing a monster truck rally in India next year, a U.S.-based association has you covered.

The American Monster Truck Association (AMTA), which hosts motorsports events around the world, just announced that it will partner with Mumbai-based Starlight108 Media to put on a tour of monster truck shows in India starting next year. The four-show tour takes the events—which previously had a foothold in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America—to the Asian continent for the first time.

“We have been in 20 countries but never to India. From what I hear of the Indian consumers, they are ready for this kind of event,” AMTA President Dale Rev Prochnow told The Economic Times.  He described the shows as being “like a big circus with huge trucks.”

The venture is a heavy lift logistically and financially. AMTA will take a wide array of equipment to India for the events, which generally require between six and eight trucks (along with backup bodies and cases for the vehicles), four to six bikes, and a variety of audiovisual equipment. The cost is expected to run to more than $2.2 million, but the agreement with Starlight108 is intended as a long-term deal, complete with a plan to build out infrastructure that could eventually lead to monster truck shows across Asia.

AMTA—which dates to 1996, has worked with partners such as World Wrestling Entertainment, and has coordinated events in such far-flung locales as Japan, Brazil, and Bermuda—is working with the promoter to make sure the events are perfectly tuned for the Indian market.

“We have worked on every single aspect of building an India showcase tour for over a year with our Indian partners and feel we are now ready to create something which is going to be a unique, special, and exciting experience for all,” Prochnow said in comments to Carwale.

Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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