Daily Buzz: It’s Time to Revisit Your Annual Goals

With the year halfway over, where does your association stand on its annual goals? Also: what Stories shows about your social media strategy.

With the end of June upon us, 2019 is officially halfway over—which means it’s time to assess your organization’s progress on its annual goals.

“With six months under your belt in the year, your association should be revisiting those goals you set in order to fully assess how your organization has aligned with those objectives since they were set,” says Audra Hopkins on the Web Scribble blog.After all, you want to be sure you catch yourself if you aren’t on the right path in order to set yourself up for a more productive latter half of the year.”

So, take a step back and compare what you wanted to accomplish this year with what you have achieved or are on track to achieve. Do they match up?

If not, analyze current project flow. “Take some time to sit in on project meetings and identify what could be holding your staff back,” Hopkins says. “Whether it’s time management, staff differences, or any other roadblocks you encounter, analyzing each and every current project could give you a better idea of how to make things run their best.”

Social Media Tips Based on Stories

When crafting your association’s social media strategy, you might not be thinking in terms of speed. But with more than 1 billion people using Stories every day, quick content should be a priority, says Thibaud Clement on Social Media Today.

“Stories are raising the bar in terms of immersion and interactivity. And for brands, one of the keys to meeting users’ expectations is speed,” he says. “Offering quick, dynamic content is one of the most effective ways to sustain viewers’ attention.”

Clement also suggests opting for multiple, shorter posts rather than one longer piece of content. “Another good practice to keep users interested is to split your Stories into a sequence of smaller, contrasting scenes, rather than presenting them with one continuous shot,” he says. And don’t forget to be creative—that’s where your brand will truly shine.

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