The Fix: Email Data Dive

Associations have a wide swath of email data at their disposal, but how do they use it to meet member needs? Jared Loftus, chief revenue officer at, shares advice on where to start when looking at your email marketing metrics.

What does looking at aggregate data allow associations to do?

It gives you the context to ask questions you never asked before. If you see that a lot of members are going to this industry blog, you can ask, Is that a blog you own? If not, is that a place you want to consider doing member outreach or recruitment?

What is the first step associations need to take when looking at their email data?

First look at it in the aggregate. Don’t dive into individual people. Understand what topics people are reading about. See if that lines up with the type of content the association is putting out. One thing we’ve encouraged people to do is bring in external content. People in these functions are anxious about sending people away from their websites. However, you’re able to get the benefit of knowing what it is they’re reading about.

Are there any pitfalls to watch out for with data?

It needs to be understood that data provides a snapshot. If you’re looking at a snapshot today to base a long-term vision or plan on, that data needs to be understood. Here’s a great example: We work with CPA societies. Last year, there was all this info about the president’s new tax plan. People were reading it heavily. However, you can’t make decisions for two or three years out based on that. Once they know about the plan, they’re reading about the next story.

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