Daily Buzz: Be More Decisive In Your Messages

Taking out a few simple words can make a big difference. Also: A subscription service could be coming to Twitter.

Every word can make a difference when communicating with coworkers and direct reports. For more effective leadership, avoid using a few key words that take away from your message.

“Without thinking—or out of habit—many people add qualifiers to their emails,” says Jeff Haden on Inc. “Which makes them sound hesitant. Unsure. Indecisive. Wishy-washy. And turns what could have been a powerful message into something far less.”

The word “think” is one of these qualifiers. Instead of saying, “I think we need to re-run that order,” simply say “Re-run that order.” Both convey the same message, but the latter is decisive and doesn’t signal to the recipients that you’re on the fence about the decision.

“Adding ‘I think’ makes it sound like the decision is up for debate. Or that you’re unsure. Or maybe you’re subtly seeking input,” Haden says.

Try to avoid using the word “guess” as well, as it implies you haven’t made an informed prediction based on any data or information.

“Instead, use projection. Estimate. Forecast. Calculation. Even expectation (which will naturally make people want to meet it). In short, use a word that conveys you’ve assessed the past and present to forecast the future,” Haden says.

Additionally, the word “need” could come off as too demanding or dependent. Instead of saying “I need you to complete the order by the end of the day,” use the more polite, “Please complete the order by the end of the day.”

Twitter Is Working on a New Subscription Service

What’s next for Twitter? A new job posting might hint at what’s to come, The Verge reports.

“Twitter appears to be working on a subscription platform for its social networking service. A new job listing reveals that Twitter has a new internal team, codenamed ‘Gryphon,’ that is ‘building a subscription platform,’” says The Verge’s Tom Warren. “Twitter is currently recruiting engineers to join this subscription team, with employees collaborating closely with the company’s payments team.”

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