Membership Pro Tip: Follow-Up Emails Boost Conversions

There isn’t enough time in the day—or staff—to follow up with every prospective member. But there is a way to set up emails that nurture relationships with them. Personalized, consecutive follow-up is key.

Associations work hard to develop prospect lists, but a lot of times those names and contact information sit in an Excel spreadsheet, and there’s little follow-up. That’s why, as part of the member-acquisition process, a sequence of nurturing emails is a good way to boost conversions, said Leona Dalavai Scott, founder of JEP Marketing Communications.

Nurturing emails build relationships with prospective members in a personal way that introduces your association to them and shows its value and why that is relevant to them.

How Does It Work?

The nurturing emails are a series of three to five messages that can be easily automated to follow up with prospects. While it requires some light work on the front end to populate, there are templates [registration required] out there to help you get started. But then once they are added to your email marketing platform, “you can use the power of automation to deliver them to prospects over a sequential period of time,” Scott said.

Here are some tips for composing the emails:

  • Send the emails from a single point of contact to set a more personal, consistent tone.
  • Be conversational—like you are talking with someone you know.
  • Address topics that are important to them (e.g., what they are struggling with, what they need, and how you can help).  

Why Is It Effective?

Since some organizations might not have the resources or staff to follow up with every prospect, this is a way to follow up with multiple touchpoints over time.

What’s the Benefit?

Without follow-up, prospects can get lost in the pipeline. “You’re basically leaving membership dues on the table,” Scott said. It’s also a waste of the marketing money you’ve invested trying to capture leads and prospects. “The email nurturing sequences are guiding them along a journey from prospect to member to sell them on the value of your association and why they need to join,” Scott said.

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