Create Next-Level Event Experiences October 30, 2023
To keep event attendance and sponsor engagement moving in the right direction, association conferences may need a bit of a refresh. In this special report, we explore the elements to make that happen.
Onsite Experience
An Invitation for Everybody
Association meeting planners must prioritize supporting attendees who require additional support and accommodations. Here are some ideas for fostering a positive and inclusive meeting culture.
Develop a Winning Sponsorship Strategy
Conference sponsorships need to bring value to not only sponsors and attendees but also associations. Here’s how associations can shift their offerings to keep sponsorship dollars flowing and sponsors happy.
Help Attendees Make Lasting Connections
Yes, attendees come to conferences to learn. But just as important to them is building connections with peers. A look at how associations can foster those connections before, during, and after meetings.
Tech Tools
What Meeting Pros Need to Know About Generative AI
AI can provide insights that help event planners make informed decisions, enhance personalization, and optimize event logistics. Two experts share how association meetings pros can begin using generative AI to develop and plan their conferences.
New Metrics for New Meetings
Conference attendance is getting closer to pre-pandemic levels, but much has changed. New approaches to data are essential for maintaining growth and promoting a meeting’s value.
A Look at Year-Round Event Engagement
Annual meetings should no longer be considered finite events. Associations can maximize these offerings, as well as revenue and engagement, by allowing participants to collaborate all year long.
Health and Safety
Starting Points for Creating Sustainable Events
Developing a large-scale sustainable meeting may be challenging, but it’s not impossible. The keys to success for associations include ensuring sustainability stays a priority from day one, making manageable changes, and involving stakeholders throughout the process.
Steps to Safety
Threats to conferences have escalated in recent years. Effective planning involves close communication with meeting venues, and a range of ways to reach out to attendees.