New Roles for Association Pros July 19, 2023
As associations consider how to handle internal and external demands, many are creating new staff positions and departments that align with goals and strategy. In this special package, explore what it takes to build stronger and more resilient teams.
Business and Analytics
Running the Numbers
Kelly McKenna understands how powerful data gathering can be for an association. That’s why she takes her time doing it.
A More Disciplined Approach to Projects
When looking for the right person to lead its new strategy delivery office, the American Planning Association needed someone who was not only familiar with the way things worked but also up for the challenge of introducing project management concepts to staff and volunteers. Mike Welch proved to be that fit.
Equity and Accessibility
Equity at the Core of Everything
Diversity leaders are often asked to do their jobs without having direct oversight of staff and programs that are critical to the success of a DEI strategy. But that’s not the case at the National Recreation and Park Association where Vice President of Education and Chief Equity Officer Autumn Saxton-Ross is tasked with bringing an equity lens to all member-facing areas.
Working for Everybody
As leader on accessibility at the American Library Association, Hillary Pearson encourages staff and members to improve their workplaces. Step one: Look around you.
Five Steps for Creating an Upskilling Program
Skill-development and employee-training programs can benefit associations, if approached the right way. A look at how to build an upskilling program that aligns with an organization's goals and helps staff stay agile and innovative.
Environment and Sustainability
New Frontiers
Delphine Millot is building a sustainability department from the ground up at the Global Business Travel Association. That means getting as many people as possible to pitch in.
Lessons From a Green Decade
More than 10 years of focus on sustainability has taught Gabriel Eckert how to build environmental issues into everything an association does.
What to Consider Before Creating a New Department
The need to build a new department within an association often signals growth or new business opportunities. But it’s not an easy process. To do it well, organizations must know their big-picture goals and be transparent along the way.