Meetings in the Post-Pandemic Era September 20, 2022
As COVID-19 wanes, association meetings are getting a new lease on life, buoyed by innovation in virtual events and attendees’ enthusiasm for reconvening in person. With careful planning and intelligent business decisions, associations can make their events better than ever.
Money Smarts
New Pricing Models for Meetings
Inflation and virtual options have made setting attendee prices for association meetings trickier. Organizations are using creative new pricing structures and marketing strategies to reach their attendance and revenue goals.
Sponsorship Options With Value for Everyone
More member access, thought leadership opportunities, year-round conversations: Sponsors are looking for more than just signs and shout-outs at meetings. Smart associations are finding ways to deliver more value to sponsors and members alike.
Tips for Budget-Conscious Meeting Planners
A host of economic forces threatens to break association conference budgets. There are no easy solutions, but a close look at contracts and history can help identify some savings.
Experience Builders
Clear Your Conference-Design Blind Spots
Event planners get so used to their process that they sometimes don’t see the elements of their meetings that aren’t working. Experts offer advice on how to take off the blinders and use attendee data to create meetings that participants will love.
Keys to Creating Inclusive Meeting Content
The spectrum for inclusive content is wide. By recognizing where your event may be deficient, using universal design concepts, and asking attendees what works for them (and doesn’t), you can create learning that meets a broad array of needs.
Digital Strategies to Extend In-Person Events
The learning and connections that attendees experience at your in-person conference don’t have to end on the last day of the meeting. From keynote recordings to session snippets, digital content can generate ongoing member engagement.
Safety Essentials
A Double Dose of Meeting Security
Whether meeting online, in person, or both, associations need to keep security concerns top of mind. Envisioning and preparing for worst-case scenarios in every venue and platform is now an essential part of meeting planning.
Is Your Event Code of Conduct Up to Date?
For many organizations, 2022 marked the return to in-person meetings. But did they update their code of conduct to match the atmosphere they want at their events? Here’s advice to help you ensure your code is ready to guide attendee behavior.