From Now to Next March 14, 2022
The pandemic accelerated the adoption of digital technologies by several years—everything from remote work, to virtual and hybrid meeting and learning formats, to finetuning infrastructure for a better member experience. For associations to succeed moving forward, they must maintain that momentum, build on what they learned, and explore the latest technologies.
Make Your IT Team Your Business Partner
Over the past several years, mobile, collaboration tools, cloud technology, and big data have changed the role that the IT team plays. And their work continues to evolve: Tomorrow’s IT department will be more focused on showing how technology can help improve business and better serve members.
Rethinking Data for the Pandemic Era
COVID-19 made it much harder for associations to plan ahead. But new kinds of data, and new ways of gathering it, can fill in the gaps.
Nimble Technology Strategy Flows With Association Goals
With the world changing quickly, organizations need a tech strategy to match. The best approach is to align technology goals with strategic goals and check in regularly so your team can shift gears smoothly—and on the fly.
Fundamentals for Building a Tech Budget in Uncertain Times
While the pandemic may have blown up your budgeting process, uncertainty doesn’t have to leave you unable to move forward. These budgeting principles can help your association take its best stab at allocating funds for future tech needs.
Better Member Engagement With Zero-Party Data
Although consumers have become savvier about protecting their digital privacy, there is still an easy and intuitive way to engage with them: Ask them questions to start a conversation. Engagement will follow.
Resources Roundup: Tech Strategy
These resources from ASAE will help association leaders and technology pros work better, smarter, and more strategically.
The Next Frontier for Online Communities
Online communities are a great way for members to connect, network, and collaborate. But a personal touch is missing. Going forward they need to be more than a digital hub and evolve into a real-time, interactive space.
Tech Exec to Tech Exec: Build a More Diverse Leadership Pipeline
Attracting new and diverse talent requires a more innovative approach to finding the right people. Now is the time to be open to new possibilities instead of defaulting to the usual suspects. Representation matters. Throw the net wide and, rather than thinking of geography as an obstacle, consider it an opportunity.
Say No to Cyberbullying
Harassment and bullying look different in virtual meetings and other digital spaces where members interact, but they still happen. Conduct policies need to catch up with the technologies associations are using today.