Sept/Oct 2013 Fed Fallout: Scandal and sequester have hit association meetings hard. Execs like the Wireless Innovation Forum’s Lee Pucker, CAE, are adapting to the new landscape.

Membership by Oct 1, 2013

Membership Memo: Where in the World?

Membership by Oct 1, 2013

How meeting location can influence membership numbers for your organization. The Annual Congress of the International Liver Transplantation Society tops out at about 1,600 attendees, but they originate from more than 50 countries. This makes the location of ILTS’ premier event a pivotal decision for both meeting success and the organization’s membership numbers. About 50 […]

Best Benefit Ever: Research Tools and Funding

The American College of Cardiology’s free database access has proven popular with members. To help members generate successful medical research, ACC provides free access to the InfoED SPIN funding database, where users can search more than 40,000 research opportunities from more than 10,000 sponsors worldwide. ACC members can also access a vast pool of clinical […]