Social Media Roundup: Keep Your Social Networks Safe

The importance of ensuring your blooming social networks don't wither due to poor security practices. Plus: ways to hone your community management skills.

Security breaches aren’t limited to Target and Kickstarter. Social networks can just as easily be a target for hackers—and as your association becomes more prominent online, the target on your own back could grow.

In today’s Social Media Roundup, learn about an upcoming guide to protecting your accounts and more:

Safeguarding Social Media

Moving beyond a tough password: If your association is in the midst of ramping up your social media efforts, it’s worth taking a second to step back and consider your security protocols.

“While businesses have adopted social media in record numbers, the lack of governance puts enterprises at risk for online security and compliance breaches,” Greg Gunn, the alliances, business development, and platform vice president at HootSuite, said in a press release.

The popular social media platform will be hosting a webinar on using the new security tools on March 11. (ht @hootsuite)

Keeping Trolls at Bay

Better living through community: The internet and social networks allow for communication on a previously unimaginable scale—and for your association, that means a limitless opportunity to address problems and concerns brought up by the community. Online, many bring up legitimate issues, but that’s not always the case.

“More often … these incidents turn out to be much ado about nothing: just someone with a vendetta or an axe to grind looking for attention,” Ben Martin writes at Online Community Results.

One way to keep unnecessarily hostile remarks to a minimum is through good community management. Conveniently, Socious’ Joshua Paul has a helpful step-by-step rundown of how to get more feedback and interest from your audiences.

“Testing various aspects of your online community’s engagement funnel can help your business or membership organization optimize your processes throughout each step of the experience,” he writes, laying out how you can perfect that funnel.

Among his recommendations are keeping better track of registrations, raising the quality of your site’s copy, and fine-tuning landing pages based on user experience, not your own preference. (ht @bkmcae, @SociousSoftware)

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