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Conference Circuit: Psychology Meeting Gathers the Field’s Best Minds

The wide world of psychology ponders all kinds of ideas during the American Psychological Association Annual Convention. Plus: a cornucopia of agricultural events.

Psychology is a huge, complicated field, as this extensive listing of highlighted events at the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Annual Convention shows. Scheduled for August 7-10, in Washington, DC, the convention aims to bring together the best minds in the field of psychology for a series of lectures, exhibitions, academic presentations, and more.

Before and during the convention, APA offers full- and half-day workshops that earn attendees continuing education credits (separate registration required). And the group helps attendees navigate all the convention events with the APA2014 app, which is available to registrants now.

To highlight the latest talent in the field, APA will give early-career psychologists a platform on the convention blog and will put a “Student Twitter Team” to work to maximize coverage of the convention.

The Week Ahead

August 3-6: The upcoming week brings an entire harvest of agricultural events. The International Association for Food Protection will hold its annual meeting in Indianapolis, bringing together more than 2,800 industry experts to discuss the latest in food-safety measures.

August 3-6: Focused on “promoting the teaching and learning of sustainable agriculture,” the Sustainable Agriculture Education Association will host its sixth national conference in Raleigh, North Carolina. Registration is still open for interested procrastinators.

August 8-10: For those unable to travel to the Midwest or the South, the Northeast Organic Farming Association’s summer conference may be a perfect fit, taking place at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. More than 175 adult workshops [PDF] on organic farming, sustainability, and other agricultural topics will be the centerpiece of the event.

Down the Line

August 9-12: ASAE’s Annual Meeting is right on the horizon, with Nashville set to host more than 5,000 association professionals in a whirlwind of education and networking. For an early look at the event, explore the schedule or take a peek at the list of exhibitors. Or follow along with the pre-event hype on Twitter or Instagram. If you’ve been on the fence until now, there’s still time to register!

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