A Picture of Good Governance

By / Feb 1, 2015 (Ninell_Art/ThinkStock)

Since 2012, the ASAE Foundation has been exploring a line of research focused on the characteristics and practices that support good governance in membership organizations. Among the results of two studies so far are two books: The first details the patterns of behavior that support high board performance, and the second captures compelling stories of organizations’ journeys to achieve it. For both projects, the foundation tapped the research expertise of Indiana University associate professor Beth Gazley and collaborators.

What Makes High-Performing Boards: Effective Governance Practices in Member-Serving Organizations, by Gazley and Ashley Bowers and published by ASAE in 2013, captures a representative snapshot of current governance practices. With ample data and written analysis to address board size and competencies, CEO ratings of board performance, and many other questions, What Makes High-Performing­ Boards is an insightful read and useful benchmarking resource. (120 pages; $34.95 ASAE members, $43.95 nonmembers)

In the second book, Transformational Governance: How Boards Achieve Extraordinary Change, Gazley and governance consultant Katha Kissman identify organizations that have achieved productive change by embodying good governance practices. Through an accessible narrative and detailed case studies, they tell stories of the journey to effective governance. The book, to be published through the ASAE-Wiley publishing alliance, has a targeted release date of August 2015. (250 pages (projected); $37.95 ASAE members, $42 nonmembers)

Both books can be purchased from ASAE at www.asaecenter.org/bookstore. Quantity discounts are available.

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