Thursday Buzz: The Longest (and Best) Content Marketing Post Ever

A book was practically copied and pasted into a blog post for all to use as a resource on content marketing. Plus: Meeting mistakes you might be making.

It’s not a physical book, but at 30,000 words this blog post may as well be one.

The Content Marketing Handbook, written by Rohin Dhar, cofounder and CEO of Priceonomics, focuses on “how to write about information and make it spread.”

The blog post looks at Priceonomics’ success as a content marketing and data company and its experiments with selling and distributing information. Dhar dives into social media marketing, networking in the industry, writing well, utilizing search algorithms, and sharing information. He also touches on content and why it matters for organizations as a whole.

Everyone’s buzzing about this new resource:

But why publish a blog post for free rather than sell this as a book? It was an experiment, of course.

“At Priceonomics, we believe that content is media that is basically free to consume but that is bundled with something else that costs money,” Dhar writes.

Dhar says, while many companies rely on advertising, Priceonomics uses paid seminars and events to fund its work.

If the lengthy blog post is too much, Dhar provided a six-page summary [PDF] for those who just want to skim the information.

Meeting Mistakes

What are you doing wrong? New research from enterprise intranet company Igloo Software shows that that almost half of the employees at many organizations think meetings are unproductive.

Nicole Fallon Taylor at Business News Daily offers experts’ insights on a few aspects people could improve about their meetings, including the the avoidance of buzzwords and the very necessity of a meeting itself. Take a look.

Links for Your Day

Are you on Facebook’s intranet competitor site? Over on CMSWire, Carrie Basham Young tells you how to get on Facebook at Work and use it for whatever it may be worth.

“We’re all in this together.” That’s one phrase leaders should say to boost their credibility; Inc. contributor Lolly Daskal shares 12 phrases to use as a leader.

Work aside, the holiday season is in swing. Jennifer Cohen, a contributor at Forbes, provides several ways successful people use the holiday season to their advantage, including taking time to “de-stress.”


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