Emily Bratcher

Money & Business by "> Feb 14, 2017

Bagel-Eating Contest Aims to Draw Attention to Start-Up Bagel Group

The second-annual National Bagel Eating Contest hopes to bring awareness to the fledgling National Bagel Association. Its CEO wants the contest to one day bookend the group’s annual conference. Adele wasn’t the only one to scoop up awards last Sunday. David Brunelli of Philadelphia walked away from the National Bagel Association’s second-annual National Bagel Eating […]

Money & Business by "> Feb 1, 2017

What's Your Dream Benefit?

Associations Now asked a group of association execs what their ultimate benefit would be. Here’s what four of them had to say. “No more vacation or sick leave time tracking. Rather, both of these should be unlimited—provided there is a standard in place to help employees understand expectations. As long as your work is getting […]

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