Ernie Smith

Leadership by "> Apr 16, 2015

Thirsty Almonds? Agriculture Groups Defend the Nut During Drought

Leadership by Apr 16, 2015

With backlash against California almonds—and their high water consumption during a period of drought—reaching a crescendo, two almond industry trade groups have been boosting their messaging in recent months. The groups say they're doing what they can to reduce water consumption, and they note that almonds are far from the thirstiest crop on the farm.

Technology by "> Apr 14, 2015

Apple Watch Apps: Don't Start Building Yet, But …

Technology by Apr 14, 2015

The Apple Watch is just days away from hitting a handful of select wrists, and some developers are understandably gung-ho about the app-making opportunities. The rest of us—including in the association space—should probably take a wait-and-see strategy, but even if you're not making smartwatch apps, the early apps nonetheless provide important lessons.

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