Ernie Smith

Technology by "> Nov 24, 2015

FAA's Drone Proposal Forged With Stakeholder Help

Technology by Nov 24, 2015

The Federal Aviation Administration this week released a set of preliminary recommendations on small drones, which will use a fairly simplified registration process compared to larger commercial drones. The result represents a compromise among a variety of different industry stakeholders, some of whom didn't get everything they wanted out of the final proposal.

Technology by "> Nov 24, 2015

Going Social: How Authentic Are You?

Technology by Nov 24, 2015

The challenge that associations face in building their audiences on social media is one of authenticity: Beat people over the head with your message too aggressively, and they'll ignore you; try too hard to start or follow a trend and they'll see right through. So where's the middle ground?

Technology by "> Nov 20, 2015

The Organization Behind Emojis' Growth

Technology by Nov 20, 2015

With emojis more popular than ever—as highlighted by the fact that the Oxford Dictionary's word of the year is a joyfully laughing smiley face—it's worth noting that the process of creating an emoji is held by the Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit that suddenly wields unusual pop-culture power. Here's how it found itself atop that lofty perch.

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