Study: Hispanic shoppers focused on deals, not reviews, on mobile

A new study shows that shopping isn't a solitary experience for Hispanic shoppers — especially when they're going for a big-ticket item.

Sure, retailers may be focused on mobile shoppers. But according to a new study, a key demographic tends to use their phones in different ways than they might be prepared for.

According to “Hispanic In-Store Mobile Experience: The Deals Ethnic,” a new study released by White Horse/Sensis, Hispanic shoppers are more likely to use smartphones as a whole — an eMarketer report says they’re 17 percent more likely to use the mobile Web than other consumer groups — but the way they use them when shopping shows less focus on user reviews than other demographics and more focus on comparison shopping between brands.

And notably, while shopping is a solitary experience for many demographics, Hispanics are more likely to shop in groups, especially when buying expensive items, the study found. This is something that retail experiences largely don’t account for: While 68 percent of Hispanic shoppers prefer shopping with companions when buying expensive items, most shopping apps are focused on an individual shopper rather than a group experience.

“For Hispanic smartphone owners, a shopping trip often involves several people,” the study said. “This is also true for the general market, but its importance for Hispanics is paramount.”

Other key findings in the graphic below:

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Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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