Social Media Roundup: Get the Hard Part Out of the Way

Also: What one consultant says Mitt Romney is doing wrong — and you can do right.

Are distractions keeping you from getting focused?

According to one author, not letting the most challenging thing on your plate linger — among other things — will help keep you sane. That and more in today’s roundup:

Do the Hardest Thing First

According to author and strategist Geoff Livingston, if you want to be focused, you have to cut out the distractions. He has a nice list of things that he’s done over the past couple of years to keep distractions to a minimum — he won’t spend endless amounts of time on social media anymore, and he skips out on drama. Our favorite item on his list, though? This one: “Whatever my most difficult and/or necessary task of the day is — the one thing gnawing at my brain — I handle it first.” How do you handle your big challenges? (ht @deirdrereid)

More of the Same?

Politics aside, Republican consultant and CNN contributor Alex Castellanos may be sparking some flames when he suggests that Mitt Romney’s political events are boring, but there’s a translatable point in here for associations. We swear! “Every time I turn on my TV,” he said recently, “it’s the same political rally with Paul Ryan and the same crowd around him, state after state after state, and it looks like a political beauty pageant. And it looks like politics, not like governing.” He suggests that Romney change things up to reach different audiences. How do you ensure that you’re not “preaching to the choir” with one-note events, like Castellanos suggests Romney has? (ht @perfectmeeting)

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