Social Media Roundup: Board Meeting Techniques

How to say a lot without saying a lot. Plus: Association lessons about Gen Y … from a member.

Rule the Board Meeting

Need some help communicating effectively in board meetings? Executive speaking coach Narges Nirumvala has some ideas. In her blog post for Support Services Unlimited, she offers some advice. Among the key board meeting techniques she recommends? Focus on nonverbal interactions. “A prolonged glance or meaningful hand gesture can say infinitely more than speaking in your loudest voice,” she explains. “Plus they can convey how you feel with more tact, which is essential if you want to maintain good working relationships around the table. So use your hands with purpose and maintain good eye contact.” What techniques have you used in your board meetings?

Talkin’ Bout My Generation


Writing on Sliceworks, Meridith Rabil discusses her own impressions about Gen Y, of which she is a member. One of her key thoughts is on engagement — something she argues that Gen Y intrinsically gets. “We know how to have a good time, and are more interested in investing time and money into an exciting experience,” she says. “Association executives and board members would be wise to ask Gen Y for ideas about engagement, because we have spent our lives exploring fun as an engagement strategy.”

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Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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