Social Media Roundup: It’s the Content, Stupid

Social Media Roundup: It’s the Content, Stupid

The value of a content strategy. Also: Why talking to consumers is different from talking to businesses.

When trying to reach new customers to drum up business, the goal is to tell a good story, right? That’s why a content strategy is key — and not having one might make you look like you’re lacking a good story. More in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Build the Strategy

According to content strategy firm Bussolati, content strategy is on the backburner for most associations. “We are currently conducting a Content Marketing Readiness survey of associations and, shhhh, here’s a sneak peek: only about 25% of associations so far report having a content strategy,” they write. “I expect it is far less at small businesses like law firms or other professional service firms.” Looking for some ideas for building out your content strategy? Check the list. Our favorite point? “Be nimble and adapt to the findings and then plan to do more of what worked.” (ht @bussolati)

B2B versus B2C

On social media, what works for businesses may not work for consumers. That’s according to a new study by Compendium, a content-marketing firm. It even comes with a cool infographic. Among the highlights: Questions are a turnoff on both Twitter and LinkedIn, while LinkedIn users react well to exclamation points. (Cool!) Also, the timing of your content is important — Twitter and LinkedIn both do well near lunch, while Facebook is more an afternoon thing, at least for consumers. (ht @ashleyhsullivan)

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Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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