Social Media Roundup: Keep Your Membership Data In Line

A database changes, but keeping stuff in line is doable with some planning. Also: Get a new writing tool.

Finding your membership database a little daunting these days? Perhaps some sage advice from a Chamber of Commerce official might keep you sane. That and more in today’s Social Media Roundup:

You Know Your Database

Chamber consultant Frank J. Kenny points out a smart piece from the Chamber of Commerce on member database management. Some great advice in here, but the best piece? “Be an active participant with your database,” says the Chamber’s Shelby Parish, IOM. “Query the system for difficult searches to ensure it is pulling the expected results. Remember, no one knows your data like you do.” (ht @FrankKenny)

New Writing Tools

Even if you’re not working on the next great American novel, a good writing tool is key for getting things done. And maybe Microsoft Word just isn’t cutting it anymore. Fortunately, Lulu’s Jessica Schein has a list of great options for getting yourself organized. Top on the list? Apple’s Pages for iOS. “Start a new doc or drag Pages ’09, plain text, or Microsoft Word files into the iCloud and … boom, your creativity can take center stage at the bus stop or while waiting for a movie to begin.” (ht @deirdrereid)

My current fave? Mou, a Markdown-based writing app, which is dead simple and allows you to write extremely fast — something which, by the way, comes in handy when you’re posting to a website about associations. (And yes, I’m using it right now.)

What cool stuff have you seen online today? Shoot us a tweet.

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Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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