Social Media Roundup: Our Best Comments So Far

Social Media Roundup: Our Best Comments So Far

Two weeks in, we wanted to give some love to the people who spoke their minds to us. We can't wait to hear what you have to say next.

We’re a new site, so whenever we get a reader comment, we look at it fawningly, like a little seedling, an example of where we can go with that site next.

We thought you guys might feel the same way, so we wanted to highlight some of the smart things being said on our comments and LinkedIn pages. Check below for more:

(Note: Comments have been excerpted and lightly edited.)

Where’s the Gap?

Earlier this week, our very own Mark Athitakis turned the dial with his blog post on leadership within the nonprofit community. Some highlights from the comments, both on LinkedIn and on the thread itself:

Brad Williams: “Technology, globalization, and evolving social constructs have created a dynamic business environment that requires new leadership to change its ways. I personally feel it is time to flip the traditional hierarchy that has boards driving the strategy. Its time to let the industry or community represented, and not a small subset of members, dictate direction.”

Amanda Baston, CEO at ADB Partners Education on Demand: “When an association has a clear mission and is data-driven toward meeting that mission, it is easier to build awareness and engagement. As Wes Trochlil wrote in Put Your Data to Work, everyone must become data analysts — collecting, reviewing, acting on the findings. Use data (quantitative and qualitative) to tell the story.”

Telling Time

Joe Rominiecki’s post on volunteering and time drew some strong response from the association community. A sample:

Idea Architects’ Jeffrey Cufaude: “I’m not sure framing the conversation about time is particularly helpful. ASAE’s own studies say people want to feel they are a part of something bigger than themselves and make meaningful contributions. To me that suggests we frame the conversation around what people care about.”

Paul Jacobson-Miller, assistant director of Residential Life at Emporia State University: “Time is absolute but feels relative. When we give our time by volunteering we are a part of something bigger and value that time more and we feel like we have more time.”

New Social Skills

My own post on social media tools even got a little notice this past week, including a mention by RebelMouse. But here’s a highlight from the comments thread:

Ashley Hodak-Sullivan of Maryland Association for Justice: “In light of all these wonderful SM developments, I can only say I am all too grateful my members are still discovering ‘Faceplace’ and ‘Tweeter.’ Though truthfully, the SM nerd is me is jumping for joy.”

Anything cool you’ve seen online lately? Let us know in the comments!

Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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