Social Media Roundup: Rebooting the Inbox, Again

AOL — a symbol of the old school — tries a bold approach to email. Also: Maybe you just need to reboot your email approach.

Oh, email, we’ll never be rid of you, it seems.

The original platform for social media, the one with which nearly every social platform — including Facebook and Twitter — connect to, is still holding strong despite years of claims that it’s going to go the way of the telegraph.

Email hasn’t had a serious rethink really since Gmail came out.

And while we’re not going to send you messages in Morse code anytime soon, we may try to breathe new life into email. One of the latest attempts, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Email, reinvented

Is email in need of a jump-start? Depends on who you ask. Some, such as Hootsuite founder Ryan Holmes, argue that it’s an antiquated product that we need to move away from. But others aren’t afraid to quit trying. The latest? AOL, which just gave Fast Company a preview of its Alto email interface, bakes elements of social networks and analytics directly into the interface. “Email hasn’t had a serious rethink really since Gmail came out,” explained AOL Senior Vice President of Mobile and Mail David Temkin. “We wanted to take a swing at that and not be tethered by the existing 20 million or so people using AOL Mail. The idea was to create without scrutiny and questioning.” Worth the effort? Is email even broken? (ht @jmcnichol)

Email, reinforced

Maybe you just need to work on the basics: Trying to reach people with email despite the claims of the platform’s impending death? Maybe you need to focus on the basics. Forbes contributor Kate Kiefer Lee, fortunately, has the list for you. One suggestion? Focus on making it easy to scan. “Your subscribers are busy people who get a lot of email,” she explains, “so it’s safe to assume you don’t have their undivided attention. Instead of one long block, break up your content into short paragraphs.” Have you redesigned your e-newsletters lately? (ht @Martin_Synaxis)

Still heavily focused on using the inbox to reach your customers? Let us know how it’s going in the comments.

Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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