Social Media Roundup: The Growing Newspaper Gap

Is there room for associations to fill in when local newspapers decline? Also: Should you promote your star?

Today is a new day in New Orleans — one without a daily newspaper for residents to call their own. Much has been written about The (New Orleans) Times-Picayune’s move to three-days-per-week coverage, but is there opportunity amid the change? That and more in today’s social media roundup:

The slow media decline

Associations Now has some weird timing. Today, we start a new online publication in earnest, a day after The (New Orleans) Times-Picayune published its last daily print issue. A number of nonprofit community journalism efforts are working to become viable alternatives after an announcement earlier this summer that The Times-Picayune would be laying off much of its staff, and DashThirtyDash, a community-based nonprofit designed to help laid-off workers at the paper, got its start in July. And, we know the value of nonprofits as community drivers. With stories like that of The Times-Picayune becoming more common, how can local associations and community groups step up and provide information as a community service — or provide support to struggling local media? (ht @JoanEisenstodt)

Can promotions cause departures?

Maybe your “star talent” isn’t looking for a new title. Linda Chreno, CAE, IOM, of Marketing General points out a thoughtful SmartBlogs piece on the nature of promoting a rising star. “A promotion is usually more than just more money,” writes consultant Martha Finney. “It represents additional responsibility, different responsibility, often a new circle of peers, and the moving away from the work that has made that star shine. Is that really what both of you want?” (ht @LindaChreno)

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Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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