What Office Mainstay Would You Throw Out?

Workers would give fax machines and traditional work hours the heave-ho, according to a LinkedIn survey.

Look around your office. If you could find one piece of equipment — some relic that you don’t need anymore — that you’d like to get rid of, what would it be? (Eyeing the fax machine, are you?)

LinkedIn asked this question to 7,000 professionals worldwide, and found out a couple of pretty interesting details, some of which we’ve highlighted in the graphic below:

“You don’t have a big Rolodex anymore because you’re using an Outlook contact database,” LinkedIn’s connection director, Nicole Williams, explained to the New York Post. “We don’t have these physical tools that encumber us.”

But what about stuff you’d like to actually have in your office? LinkedIn’s study covered that too, noting that some workers really want a sunny spot to take a nap.

No, really — 25 percent of respondents wanted some natural sunlight, and another 22 percent wanted a good spot for a power nap.

Personally, we can’t blame them! Our cubicles are sort of uncomfortable. Bean bags next to a window would be great!

What would you like to chuck from your office, anyway? Let us know.

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Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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