Lunchtime Links: Reshape Your Learning Abilities

Lunchtime Links: Reshape Your Learning Abilities

The best spend 10 minutes of your day on a talk you can’t miss. Also: The “real” reason Facebook makes you stress.

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Right? Well, maybe. But you also could take those lemons and bake some lemon bars. Or make a chicken marinade. The point is, what’s obvious isn’t always the right way to go and may ultimately stifle innovative thought. Former association executive and current CEO of Idea Architects Jeffrey Cufaude rattles the very foundation of “learning” in an inspiring TEDxTalk you’ll want to bookmark.

We must become more responsible for our own learning, more adept at designing and directing the learning experiences we most need.

That and more in today’s Lunchtime Links:

Experience experiences: Need a little inspiration today? Check out the 10-minute TEDxIndianapolis talk from Idea Architects’ Jeffrey Cufaude titled “All Learning Is Self-Directed.” “If we want to truly consider ourselves lifelong learners, we must become more responsible for our own learning, more adept at designing and directing the learning experiences we most need, and more aware of how we engage in the learning opportunities life offers us each and every moment,” Cufaude says. With a shakeup in old-school education from the advent of the digital age, it’s all too easy to play follow the leader. But breaking out of character and changing up routine habits, as well as adding new experiences, can lead to revolutionary ideas. What are you doing to generate new ways of thinking at your association?

Social stress: If your social media team seems a little more stressed out than usual, Facebook may be to blame. A recent study from the University of Edinburgh says Facebook maintenance can lead to increased levels of stress and anxiety in users because of the high fear of offending those within your social circles. The study author, Ben Marder, says, “People will try and manage themselves and regulate how they appear on the site, so they will try and avoid saying things they think, as they are worried how it will appear.” The good news is that a solid social media policy could alleviate the fear, at least in a work environment. How do you combat social media stress?

All together now: Gathering together to push a cause is a lot easier when your Rolodex is up to date with similar associations or organizations. Take note from the Black Women’s Roundtable, which has joined forces with notable female association executives across the nation, including leaders from the National Council of Negro Women, National CARES Mentoring Movement, National Council of Women’s Organizations, and Women of Worth & Worship, LLC. The groups are rallying to express support for United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice, who is rumored to be under consideration to become the next secretary of state. How is your association staying in touch with those who have similar interests? Have you used a rallying cry to band together on issues?

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