Social Media Roundup: The Value of Commenters

Social Media Roundup: The Value of Commenters

A digital marketing firm breaks down the benefits of an engaged community. Also: Why the small things matter more than the big things, sometimes.

Don’t have many people commenting on your blog?

Maybe this is a big problem — but maybe, just maybe, the people you’re hearing from are the right people. And you shouldn’t sweat it too much, because you already have an engaged community.

That and more in today’s Social Media Roundup:

More Comments = More Problems?

According to digital marketing agency BlueGlass, not having a slew of comments isn’t necessarily the end of the world. “It’s true that more comments can show a more engaged community, which is important for any blog,” marketing analyst Deanna DeRosa writes. “But just because a blog isn’t getting 10 or 20 or even 100 comments per post doesn’t mean it’s not reaching and influencing people. Success can be interpreted differently from blogger to blogger, and there are certain things (like lots of comments on every post) that a blog doesn’t need to be successful.” There are a lot of good thoughts in this piece — and it could be an opportunity to rethink your site’s approach a little. (ht @cjtracy)

A Little Hinge Goes a Long Way

Writing on his blog, consultant Steve Drake pulls a lesson from a recent Wall Street Journal article noting the added value of $10 hinges for laptops, now that Windows 8 has now become more focused on touch-screen computing. He builds a much deeper lesson from it, explaining how we don’t get judged on our major successes but our minor failings. “So, be sure you and your staff are focused on the little things within your overall programs and services,” he advises.

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