Social Media Roundup: What Food Network Can Teach You

Why watching the Food Network's Restaurant Impossible can help your association, and can't-miss tips on new sponsor placements at conferences.

If you think watching TV can’t be productive, clearly you’re not watching the right shows. According to one blogger, there’s a Food Network show that not only tells you how to spruce up a tired restaurant, but also teaches invaluable business lessons.

That and more in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Not Just About the Food

Yes, there are lessons from Food Network this week that don’t involve how to cook a perfect turkey. Like, for instance, how to run your association. Robert Irvine, who strikes terror into the hearts of restaurant owners on his hit show Restaurant Impossible, gives a few of his own lessons that can easily apply to your business strategy. In Jay S. Daughtry’s post on ChatterBachs, he clues viewers into “What You Can Learn from Restaurant Impossible.”

Woo New Event Backers

Sponsors welcome: Need some new ideas for sponsorships at your annual tradeshow or conference? Melinda Kendall has 101 new ones on “Event View.” Among her tips: Always change up your graphics and bring novelty to the table, and don’t forget the value of giving sponsors exclusive access to high-profile buyers. The 132-page PowerPoint that’s attached to the blog is a bit cumbersome, but it’s worth taking a look for new visual ideas. (Check out page 16 for ways to revamp your registration area)

How have you involved your sponsors lately? Seen anything cool online? Let us know in the comments.

(Restaurant Impossible's Robert Irvine/Food Network)

Chloe Thompson

By Chloe Thompson

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