Executive Summary: Larry Merrill

The Executive Director of the Michigan Township Association in Delta Township, Michigan, tells us his goals for the New Year

On my desk right now

August issue of Associations Now (keep intending to read the Carville/Rove interview but never seem to get to it).

If I weren’t doing this, I’d …

… do philanthropic work. Or I could be a short-order cook. It would be nice not to bring work home.

What I do when I’m not at work

My wife and I enjoy hosting dinner parties. I am a terrific cook. I could be a chef. It is the only thing I brag about.

My 3 goals for 2013

  1. Stick to my regular exercise schedule.
  2. Use more of my vacation time.
  3. Set a third goal.

The best advice I ever got

A young woman with whom I was dancing told me that she could be very good for me. I married her. She was so right.

Who I’m following on Twitter

My wife is the Twitterer. She relates to me anything she reads that I should know about.

(photo by Andrew Macguire)

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