Lunchtime Links: Have You Tried Mobile Fundraising?

A primer on mobile fundraising. Plus: How did your association deal with the Sandy Hook tragedy?

There’s a new trend on the horizon, and it starts with your phone. Nonprofits and political campaigns everywhere are turning to mobile fundraising, and making new donors out of people who love the convenience. Does your association use mobile fundraising? How do you do it?

That and more in today’s Lunchtime Links.

Mobile, mobile: The advent of Square, an-easy-to-use device that attaches to iPhones and allows shoppers to swipe a credit card, reinvented retail. Now, smartphones are gaining another new role: mobile fundraising for grassroots campaigns and charitable organizations. Wannabe donors text a key word to a specific number, or scan a QR code—no app required. They then get a link to a page to complete their donor form. Read more on SocialFish. (Also, side note: There’s also a cool startup, Amicus, which is helping make mobile fundraising easier from the volunteer point of view.)

Social work: Just how much did social business boom in 2012? There’s an infographic for that.  Among the trends that CMSWire points out: collaboration, community, and engaged senior management. The infographic also points to some big news from this year, like the acquisition of Instagram and how Pinterest updated its policy to thwart copyright issues. How has your association fared with social business?

Dealing with tragedy: What happened last week in Newtown, Connecticut, can only be described as a tragedy of epic proportions. While associations are doing their part to help out, the ramifications will live on for Newtown. How did you handle the situation on your association’s blog in light of the devastating news? Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog has an excellent roundup of posts that give advice on how to deal, from pausing scheduled communications to considering five things you can do for Newtown to help those in need.

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