My Workspace: Maddie Grant

By / Dec 1, 2012

Consultant-blogger Maddie Grant is hooked on her colorful office mate.

Meet Jules. The bright-red betta fish keeps the mood relaxed and conducive to creativity in the office of Maddie Grant, CAE.

“Most of my work is writing, so I believe that my workspace needs to be very zen,” says Grant, a social media strategy consultant and coauthor, with Jamie Notter, of Humanize: How People-Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World. “I have a Mac, of course; a couple of cool quotes to inspire me (the only place I like quotes); a Chinese dragon and Chinese coin for good luck; and my beautiful red betta fish.”

Grant reports that Jules was not the inspiration for her blog, SocialFish, though the name suits him.

“Jules is friendly and out­going,” she says. “He always greets me with a little head-flare.”

Alas for Jules, Grant is not a one-fish woman. She has other finned friends at home, including two more bettas, who peacefully coexist with her two cats, Neo and Trinity.


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